Saturday, September 18, 2010

Diet Pepsi

I read an article that said that Aspartame is dangerous and toxic.

It is hard for me to give that up because I have been drinking it for years. I did give it up a short while back and felt better, but fell back into the habit. But, after reading the article it really opened my eyes.

Apparently, Aspartame is so poisonous it is like formaldehyde. It can really ruin you and kill you. The story was about a woman who was incredibly ill after using it. She had bad spasms and the doctors could not figure out why. She drank diet soda. After stopping the diet drinks she got better quickly. It really surprised me. But, maybe not as much. People who produce artificial ingredients don't care about the overall health of consumers. If they did then they wouldn't make these things.

So now I am going to go back on my diet. Avoid artificial ingredients as much as I can. Avoid diet sodas. Avoid aspartame as best as possible. Drink lots of water. Eat lots of fruits and veggies. Try these food changes

Instead of soda try iced tea unsweetened. + Drink lots of water + Instead of chips eat a handful of nuts + Cut portion sizes down!!!! The human stomach is actually small. A whole plate of food is big enough to fit in the entire gut. So I am going to try to limit my portions.

Those things are not as hard as I think. I just have to be aware of everything that goes into my mouth and immediately make a change. It worked for me before when I lost 10 pounds so I have to get back on it.

Friday, September 17, 2010

haven't posted in forever

I wanted to keep up with my blog before multiply shuts it down.

I deleted my previous posts about knitting and crochet because I gave up on them. I wasn't catching on. So I have my thread and needle going again for a smaller easier project.

Today and yesterday I did some major reorganizing. Several bags are going to Goodwill because they are in great condition (more or less) but I don't need it. So I have lots of space available. It is nice to feel more room and not so closed in with most things that I never use or wear.

I have been working on:

  • Precious Moments but it isn't done
  • A flower project
  • Baby bibs that is a 3 year old project

But my new goals are

  • A Joyful Expressions Many names of Jesus project (beautiful)
  • A project about loving sisters with flowers and it is simple and fast which is what I need now

I am thinking of using some of the patterns I have already finished and used. I may pick up a Christmas pattern and do it again. That was fun.

I haven't been well lately. But, I have made some improvements about how to deal with some of my frustrations.

God bless all my friends and family who need God's love

+++ Peace +++