Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I have new projects started

I have started knitting, this is the first part of a set of arm warmers I am making for my father. Don't ask me why?

This is one of my first crochet projects above. It is started with a basic chain stitch then I used the single crochet stitch to keep going.

These pictures below are more of the crochet. One is back side. One is front side. But, I don't remember which.

And how in the world do you use multiply? blogger was so much easier to use.

This is frustrating me.

Since I cannot see up close well enough to xstitch I have taken up crochet and knitting.

They are not that bad. I kinda like them. Has taken me maybe a while to get going. I started a year ago and made my first knitted scarf which came out really great.

I picked up the needle again about 11 days ago. Here is what I have started


GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Yea!!! You were able to update!!!

These look great!

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