Thursday, January 07, 2010

xs 3x today

That looks like a math statement:

xs 3x today

all it means is that I have cross stitched 3 times today

I have been working on the teddy bear bib. Have been trying to do that for ages. But, picked it up today. Not much is left. But, my brain fried and I couldn't keep track of what I was stitching and my counting was off. So I put it down to watch NCIS. (hey gotta luv Dinozzo)

I will post pics of it soon.

If I don't sleep tonight I am going to pick something up to stitch. I started out at the doctor's office waiting for a bit. Time flies when you stitch. So I was actually able to get something done too! Frogging! But, I redid it later. Then, came home and while warming up from being out in the freezin ass cold I did a little more. The, did some after dinner. I haven't stitched this much since last september when I was working on the pillowcases.

I am starting a brand new project real soon! Cannot wait! I will share what it is soon.

Until then, stay warm.

+++ God bless +++

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GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Glad you seem to be doing a little better.... Yea!!!! She is stitching up a storm!!! Got Trish! Go Trish!