Tuesday, January 12, 2010

one more word

I am posting that I do not have enough money for my 2 new projects.

They are so cool. I will need new fabric. I will need a big piece for both. So I have to wait awhile till I have enough money to buy it.

So I stick to the other goals I posted earlier.

tues night update

I have worked on this for about 90 mins. or so.

Counting was hard. But, also noticed that my vision is not working. I think I need reading glasses or something. Bifocals are too expensive! What do I do?
Anyway, it is coming along slowly.....
1. PM
2. Love flower
3. Bib
That is all I can do now. I have to buy fabric and floss for new projects. So for now, I will enjoy these.
+++ God bless +++

PM update

I tried working on this last night but was unable to concentrate. I am doing this because it is therapy. I have been so stressed out and so confused. I am going to see my therapist. I have decided that taking care of my parents comes first. I am going to stay home more. I cannot do much. My mood is unstable and I need to settle down till I can get ahold of myself.

I told my mom that when things get crazy I am going to stitch when I need to whenever I need it. She understands and is happy I am going to do it to feel better.

I am posting a picture because I am keeping track of the progress.

I have worked on it Friday and a little Saturday. But it is coming along. I am not so much worried about the back. It is ok but this time it is not as good as other times.

But I am enjoying it now that there is a good start to it.

There are more projects and goals to come. This is what I am doing now.

+++ God bless +++

Sunday, January 10, 2010

no one understands!

We had a good day till I got home.

Elena and I went to our monthly catholic retreat. It was the longest one we ever had. But, it was fruitful.

I am so mad. No one understands!!!!

I am so torn between our prayer group or staying home. My mom was sick when I got home.

So it is

the prayer group vs. taking care of my parents at home

I want to do both. Either side doesn't understand that I want to do both but even though I can't do both together I have to figure out which is more important without hurting the other.

I will post more later

Friday, January 08, 2010

teddy bear photos

I worked on this yesterday. I'm posting this smaller part because I worked hard on it. I have no idea why the other two hearts look so different from this one. It lays nicer. I have no idea why.

This is the whole piece. I am almost done. Yay. As I said earlier I lost track of the correct count and had to take out some floss. So I put it down last night. But, I like it so far.
I am not so worried anymore about the back. It isn't perfect but there are not so many knots.
I am not sure what I will work on today. My choices are:
1. Precious Moments
2. The love flower
3. The teddy bear
Have a great day!
+++ God bless +++

Thursday, January 07, 2010

xs 3x today

That looks like a math statement:

xs 3x today

all it means is that I have cross stitched 3 times today

I have been working on the teddy bear bib. Have been trying to do that for ages. But, picked it up today. Not much is left. But, my brain fried and I couldn't keep track of what I was stitching and my counting was off. So I put it down to watch NCIS. (hey gotta luv Dinozzo)

I will post pics of it soon.

If I don't sleep tonight I am going to pick something up to stitch. I started out at the doctor's office waiting for a bit. Time flies when you stitch. So I was actually able to get something done too! Frogging! But, I redid it later. Then, came home and while warming up from being out in the freezin ass cold I did a little more. The, did some after dinner. I haven't stitched this much since last september when I was working on the pillowcases.

I am starting a brand new project real soon! Cannot wait! I will share what it is soon.

Until then, stay warm.

+++ God bless +++

Saturday, January 02, 2010

holiday season?

It has been a long fall. I have been taking different meds and I have really struggled.

I have been medication resistent the last 3 weeks because I cannot stand the side effects. But, I think that the only resolution to this whole mess is to find the right combination of meds and take them.

I am really overwhelmed and frustrated with how things are.

But, last year I was stuck in a nursing home unable to walk. This year I have had major mental problems and they have hindered me from enjoying the holidays.

But I am truly glad to be able to walk on both feet. I am also grateful for my family.

Everyone says happy new year and to look forward to 2010

I hope it is good but I am afraid.