Thursday, August 21, 2008

Update on Live

Here is the latest picture of what has been done. I have to finish the outline stitching on the edges. Then I have backstitching to do. Then just the french knots. But, it is almost ready to give to my sister. It is the 21st so I have a few more days left. I want to get it done by the 29th or so then I can get a frame for it.

It doesn't look right to me in the pix. But, I stitched it as close to the pattern as I could. Maybe the backstitching will help.

I have been stitching almost everyday for the last 5 days or so. I think I took monday off to rest my wrist. I am not used to stitching so much so I needed the day to rest.

It has been busy around here. We are waiting on my sister's baby. We went to lunch yesterday to see her and check on her. She is getting tired but she is ok overall.
Happy stitching......

Monday, August 18, 2008

On my way...

I cannot believe how this is all going. I am on my way to 3 finishes for 2008

1. These pillowcases started from scratch a few weeks ago and almost done after putting the knots in the center of the flowers. Then, wash, iron and wrap up for the gift. They are a wedding gift.

2. This live love and learn that I screwed up is turning into a birthday present for my sister if I can get that done by the 1st.

3. The kitty cat I made for my friend who told me off and yelled at me right before I gave it to her!!!!! I threw out the pattern right after that. I never want to go near it again. I forgive her but have trouble with the forgetting part.

So I have my sister's gift to finish up.

My goals for the month of Sept:

1. Finish this easy pumpkin/halloween pattern. Should only take a week of dedicated stitching.

2. Finish up the pattern with the two scotties. Do you know anyone who likes dogs? I have no idea who to give that too.

My goals for October:

1. Christmas ornaments!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stitching updates with photos are coming...

Happy stitching!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Stitchers best friend

This website is so cool. I have learned so much from it for my recent work. I love the videos!

They rock!

What the pillowcases look like

So here is an almost complete picture of what they look like now. I have to finish it up with some french knots, but I have no idea how to do them. I did a few years ago but I have a hard time remembering.

For these pillowcases it was both cross stitch and embroidery as you can see. The big pink hearts were regular cross stitch. The stems are the outline stitch which I learned how to do now. The leaves and flowers on it are the loop stitch. The middle of the bigger flowers is a buillion knot and I have never done them and have no idea how to do them now. I will see what happens there.

Truth be told! It would take me approximately a week to complete the other one. But, I have such a hard time with knots (not french knots) that I have to frog out a part and start all over. But, I got the hang of it with this first one.

Of course, to my eyes it isn't perfect but I hope that all of you cannot see my mistakes.

I am proud of myself for completing this as neatly as possible. I have learned patience makes almost perfect while stitching.

What do you think?

Sunday, August 10, 2008


I have decided to start a pillowcase set for my cousin getting married 9/5/08

Here is the pattern

It is detailed but it shouldn't take me long if I am diligent. Something I lack. So far I have gotten almost the 3 flowers but I bought the wrong color pink so I have to run to the store for the right color. I am making sure not to carry over too much floss on the little flowers. But, they are the loop stitch which is one of my favorite embroidery stitches. The little green stems require a very small stitch so I expect some frogging there till I get it right.

But overall, I am proud of myself for this. My work looks neat and clean so far. I have had to use an indelible amount of patiece but it is worth it! The pics will come soon.

This is the best! It has been a fantastic form of therapy to straighten out the wild terror going on inside my mind. It really helps to focus on something so tidious and then realize that not only do I feel better but my work looks good too.

Happy stitching

Monday, August 04, 2008

Follow up on the Live Love and Learn

The biggest difference you can see is the leaf on the bottom left. I finished that mid of last week.

Now I don't know if you can see this part. But, all of the flowers, 3 sets of them, have to face vertical and I need room to stitch them all in. I have to take it out and start over.

But there is an addendum to this. I am going to finish stitching the middle piece, cut it off and finish it. Buy a frame for it and give it to a loved one. I have 7 brothers and sisters and out of all of them 3 have received gifts from me. Most are in ill health with cholesterol and high blood pressure issues so I am going to stitch LIVE! on top to encourage them to take care of themselves better. ;)

TTFN! whoo whoo whooo whhoooooo as pooh bear says

My Gift of Free Stash

Here is all of that she game me. It was a surprise left on the doorstep. I don't remember if I took pictures of it all or only got shots of the best I could get. Anyway, her name is Susan. I had no idea she did this. Some of these patterns are from the 80s. But I could care less! :-) I smiled for alot of the day when I got it from her. I am so thankful. It was just a nice gift. I didn't even throw any of it away.

This is the unfinished WIP that came with the pattern so someday I would like to do it.

These are some of the patterns and booklets. Things like swans, and farm animals. Home with the heart (???) kind of patterns. Hard for me to describe.

These are some of the fabrics she gave me! I love it so much! Blues, creams, whites... great. There is Aida and I think there is evenweave and linen. I don't know the difference so I will post pics of that later on so you can help me figure out what they are.

Isn't this cool! A new set of stash - vintage/used whatever. I am happy for this.

Catching up on what is new.......

Today is a crazy day in my house. Too much cleaning and reorganizing to do. But, things have settled down enough for me to do this. This is going to be a big entry.

This is the idea for my gift for the bride and groom.

All things have come to a halt! My cousin is getting married in a lavish formal wedding in Albuquerque NM. So I have put all xs projects into a bin. They are being moved and hidden. I found a pillowcase set I have that is rather simple so if I diligently work on it I will get it done. Wedding is Sept 5th and today is Aug 4th (anniversary of my grandfather's death in 1999) so I am getting to work on it.

I will post photos of that soon.

In the mean time, the Live, Love and Learn???? OMG! I stitched backward - instead of starting with the material going horizontal I went vertical. So now there is not enough room to stitch the whole piece.

My solution? Instead of frogging out all I have I am going to finish the middle piece and give it to someone. Not sure who yet. It will be a small gift for someone. Then at some later date I will do it right.