Saturday, July 26, 2008

A surprise gift

This is really cool. I have been feeling down and angry and anxious. But, today my brother's ex-wife who I really don't get along with left me a bag of old xs stuff she used to use.

There is a lot of aida. Blue colors and cream colors. There is a small piece of linen which I have wanted to use and try to see if I can do it, so there it is. There are patterns. A WIP with the original pattern with it. A lot of the patterns are very old! Some of them are marked as old as 1988 and older. There are lots of patterns though. I was smiling for about 30 mins. after I got it.

There is a card to list all of the DMC floss numbers and colors. It is so cool.

There is a higher power that can find ways to brighten your day even when you feel hopeless.

Have a good night!

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Mary said...

That is great Trish! What a nice gift. You definitely will be able to put all of it to good use. :-)