Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Light in the tunnel

Today is finally a little bit of a better day. I am still trying to deal with the loss of a friend. But, today my level of anger was somewhat better. Last night was awful. I laid in bed crying. I begged God to grant me even a drop in peace of mind. Today was better. Thanks be to God for helping me and giving me strength.

I decided to get back to the bibs. Since I started stitching again and working on the Live Learn and Love seems like my "skills" are getting better. I am more confident too. So I took pictures to show. I am showing the back because it looks better. Also, I am thinking of frogging the outside darker brown to make it a little neater. We will see.

Tomorrow Elena gets her braces off. It will take awhile. So I will take a xs project to work on. Have no idea what yet.

I worked on this for about 90 minutes before knots and miscounts started. So I stopped to take these pics and update my blog.

The front. Can you tell the difference in colors? It is hard to see. The edges should be a shade darker. It is hard to stitch because the colors are so similar. If it were not for the pattern I would get surely lost.

Here is a pic of the back. I can see a difference between where I started again vs. what I had already done. The straight lines are what I accomplished tonight. I am thinking of taking out the darker brown and stitching that all over again. We shall see.

Reason I want to frog it, is because the family I am giving this to is very crafty. The grandma and aunt of this baby are avid knitters. I am wondering if they will look at the back and "critique" it, know what I mean. What do you think?

Hopefully I can continue to feel better.

Thanks to you who commented on my last update. I needed your strength and support to get thru it and it really helped.


Mary said...

The bib is coming along great. Just trim the hanging thread and I think you'll be fine.

Patty said...

I think anyone who comments on how the back looks needs to get a hobby. I have never understood the need to make the back look good. Maybe it's because I make most of my finishes into little pillows or ornaments. I'd feel the same if I knew something was going to be framed. No one will see it so who cares how it looks?