Thursday, October 11, 2007

October finish

I did it! I finished One Eyed Jack. I will post a pic soon. But, I finished it maybe about 2 weeks ago. Haven't been feeling well which is why I haven't posted. I usually post right away when I finish something.

Something new to add to my readers. I have cognitive difficulties. Sometimes I cannot hardly read. Now is one of those times. I was reading a post from a yahoo group and I could read the words but there was no mind connection between the words and my brain. I cannot remember trivial things. Sometimes it is the fact that I cannot remember how to do things like simple math. I cannot help my daughter with her homework which is very embarrassing as she is just in the 9th grade. I have had several years experience in doing homework as I spent all those years in college and even graduated!!!!!! It is horrible. It is weird.

Did you know....when I stop to really think about something hard, like remembering eyes look to the top right of my side. It is as if my eyes go to that direction to try and work. It seems to be a mind eye connection to me. That is very weird but it is true! Has that ever happened to you? Have you noticed that?

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