Monday, July 16, 2007

Cross stitching insanity!!!!! Yikes

I have too many needles in the hoops. I am trying to work on a couple of projects. But, the problem is the number of projects is growing.

So what I am doing:

1. The Precious Moments Thank God for friends (or something like that)

2. The teddy bears which need to be done by Thanksgiving and time is flying as it is nearly August. That only leaves me the fall! Oh dear.

3. This new one I added today called Live, Love and Learn with real pretty flowers on it. It's picture is above.

4. I want to take the very first pillowcase and rip it out. I want to start all over to see if I can make it come out a little neater.

So there are too many things for me to pinpoint goals! What I think I will do is this:

Try a 3 strand a day routine. 3 Needles. I will rotate as my mind chooses. But, I am having trouble with the teddy bears. I want to keep this simple. My mind wanders very very very easily. So I am going to take it slowly.

Another dilemma here is the fact I am getting over a nasty chest cold. I was sick for a whole month. Dreadful evil thing. Now as I am recovering I pulled a muscle and it is hard for me to stitch because it hurts my side. Yes, whah whah whah call me the whah-m-bulance.

One of these days I will get something accomplished. Tomorrow I have jury duty. I plan on taking a small kit of things to do while waiting. I hate waiting because I get so bored so easily and it just kills me. So in my package I am taking the Live, Love and Learn cross stitch kit and a book or two of puzzles.

For about 3 to 4 weeks I was obsessed with puzzles. I kept buying different puzzle books. But, I got bored with that and now stitching has caught my attention. It is late summer so that is when I get the itch to stitch too.

Anyhoo, I hope to get some work done in the coming days and weeks.

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