Monday, May 28, 2007

Stitching update

I am still working on Stephanie's gift. School ends this week. Elena graduates from 8th grade. So her last day of school is Tuesday. She has Wed. off so that is the day we go to the dentist and her friend's birthday party. Thursday is her graduation at 7 pm. Friday the couch is delivered. A new one! Saturday? I house sit.

So that is what is coming up for me this week. A while back Stephanie mentioned that she wanted to join me for a little lunch or something so that we can celebrate our own personal milestone that the school year is finally over with. Although something tells me it is not completely over with. The story is too long to post here. Has to do with a gift to the school from the 8th grade class.

As for the stitching update, I am almost finished with my current project. The thank you gift. I will post a finish soon. I have about 4 more hours or less of work on it. I cannot stitch for more then 1 to 2 hours. Last night my eyes hurt. So I had to stop.

I will post more as I finish it.

1 comment:

Mary said...

Congrats to Elena!
How is the stitching going?
Were the ideas I gave you for the babybib ok? I hope they help out. As you stitch them, it will become easier. The first one is always the harderst.