Friday, March 30, 2007


Today is a special day. I probably shouldn't be writing this. A family member may read it and have something to say about it. But, I don't care. She is my mom. She means the world to me.

Today is her birthday. We had cake yesterday. Tonight we had special pastries for our celebration. She turns further into her 70s today. She is slowing down too.

I have a picture here of the Easter Egg that I am working on for my aunt. She is coming to town in about 10 days or so. I would like to get it done soon. Her birthday is on the 20th so I would really like to get it done as a special gift to her. It is a tea towel. It is embroidery. I have been doing mostly cross stitch projects lately. But, this time I wanted to do embroidery on a tea towel.

I found the pattern online. I didn't know what to do. So I googled images of easter eggs. That one came up and it looked best. I got to choose the colors! I am adding pink and yellow still. Will show you more later.

Happy stitching to you all! And for the rest of you, enjoy a cup of tea with me today!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I should be...

I should be in bed. It is late on a week day night. But, I wanted to post. I have been wanting to post.

Here is what is new:

My daughter is getting confirmed on Apr. 23rd
We have company, special guest, coming into town next month
I am trying to get some stitching done.

Hopefully posting here will help get it done.

My goals for the next month of April:

Finish Easter egg for our special guest

My goal for the month of May:

Finish the Winnie the Pooh which is a forever long UFO

I would love to buy a wooden frame to hold all my stitching together while I work but I don't stitch enough for that. So someday when I stitch daily maybe then I could use it. But, for now it is just a dream.


That is all for now. I will post pics of my projects soon, hopefully.