Sunday, October 21, 2007

The recipient of the gift

My brother really liked the October finish I gave him. He was happy. I am glad I made it and gave it to him. It was worth every frustation over knots and frogging that had to be done.

I always like to give my things away. This was for someone special.

Friday, October 19, 2007


I feel so crummy. I should be very happy but I feel so bad. I am so hungry. There is nothing to eat. I have to watch what I eat. I don't want to get diabetic. But, the new med I am taking makes me hungry. I ate enough today. But, I wil have to go find something to eat.

I worked on the dreaded bibs. They are so frustrating. My attitude right now is not helping much.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The back of my embroidery

How do I make the back of my work look neater? This as you see it has to stop! It is driving me crazy!

October Finish

I finished my One Eyed Jack for my brother. I couldn't figure out who to give it to. I made it and wanted to give it to someone special. So I chose my brother. He is coming in from AZ this week so I can give it to him then.

I am working on those dreaded bibs. Those are still hard. Yesterday I made a little progress and the back came out better. I will post a progress pic later and you can see the difference if there is any?

Have a good day! Happy stitching!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

October finish

I did it! I finished One Eyed Jack. I will post a pic soon. But, I finished it maybe about 2 weeks ago. Haven't been feeling well which is why I haven't posted. I usually post right away when I finish something.

Something new to add to my readers. I have cognitive difficulties. Sometimes I cannot hardly read. Now is one of those times. I was reading a post from a yahoo group and I could read the words but there was no mind connection between the words and my brain. I cannot remember trivial things. Sometimes it is the fact that I cannot remember how to do things like simple math. I cannot help my daughter with her homework which is very embarrassing as she is just in the 9th grade. I have had several years experience in doing homework as I spent all those years in college and even graduated!!!!!! It is horrible. It is weird.

Did you know....when I stop to really think about something hard, like remembering eyes look to the top right of my side. It is as if my eyes go to that direction to try and work. It seems to be a mind eye connection to me. That is very weird but it is true! Has that ever happened to you? Have you noticed that?

Friday, August 31, 2007


I am working on a Halloween piece. I cannot take a picture of it. I just want my stitching friends to know that I haven't dropped the needle forever. I have picked it up again.

I am almost done with this. I probably have just a few hours worth of work, well maybe a little more then that, but still it is almost done like maybe 3/4 way.

I am going to continue to work on other projects. But, since Halloween and the holidays are coming up I think I want to work on another Halloween to finish it and then maybe some ornaments. I have to start early because I am such a slow stitcher!

The weather here in Denver is cooling down. Summer is definitely on its way out here.

Happy Stitching!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Weekend update

I haven't stitched in well over a week. Family business and a new volunteer op has come up.

But, tonight I did stitch some of my PM. I can only stitch for about an hour before my count is off. So in the hour that I stitched tonight I only managed to get about 2 or 3 rows done. Is that not sick or what? I would really like to accomplish more. Perhaps, since it is 2 am here at home and since I cannot sleep because I am worrying so much, I think I will go work on that some more and perhaps try to sleep a little. Sound like a plan?

It is very frustrating. If for people who don't know that may be peeking at my work, I have bipolar disorder. Things were going relatively easy for a bit untill Wed of last week. It was hell for almost 3 days. Today is the first day I feel like a human being. However, there is much work I need to do to be able to communicate with others so as not to cause problems. I CAN DO IT! I learned that I can do it. It is so cool to know that I CAN rise above the challenges of this disease. However, in cases like the last few days it was sheer hell to work out of it. I stayed in bed for forever. I didn't want to get out into the real world so as not to damage myself or other people. I just wanted to control my emotions by hiding them away. I wanted to protect my family and the rest of the world from the monster within me.

Anyway, I am a little better. I just cannot sleep. I have to seriously review my previous year's therapy treatment. I need to set up a plan to use. Some people call it WRAP wellness recovery action plan. My goal is to use WRAP, DBT and CBT customized to my own needs and challenges to come up with an overall plan to work with. That takes work. I need to investigate each to figure out what works best. Then, I will have to use paper documentation to keep track of everything. Maybe I can use this computer for it. We shall see. I know I will need Excel to track mood charting. I will need Word to set up templates. I will start there.

Sorry I rambled on about other issues. I will try to stick to stitching only next time. Maybe I can post pics of the 3 rows I did. Wowee. Whatever.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Check this out

I have been keeping up with some yahoo groups I am in. Most of them are of some kind of needlework. But, in two I heard of two cool things to motivate me to stitch.

1. The 3 strand stitch a day. That works at least to get me started.

2. The 15 minute stitching challenge! It is just what it says. Stitch for 15 minutes a day and see what happens. You get a long way.

For now, due to health issues, I have to hold off on stitching. Perhaps in a few days or so I can pick up the needle again.

Happy Stitching to all the stitchers.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Update with pix

Here is a visual update on what I am trying to do.

Below is the finished picture of the Live, Learn and Love kit. I showed it earlier but I wanted to add it again just for clarity.

I worked on this part of it during jury duty today while I waited all morning. I also sent text messages on my phone and worked on a puzzle. But, I did start it.

Here is a picture of the finished product for the PM. It says, "Thank you Lord for special friends". The picture quality is not that great, but it is the best I could do with the camera.

Here is the beginning of what I am doing with this one in particular. I started the first row or two yesterday and had to stop because I got really uncomfortable.

I hope to continue to work on these. Posting online in this blog will hopefully motivate me to get really moving. As I said in another posting, working 3 strands a day hopefully will help. I am going to rotate between each one.

Happy stitching, as stitchers say

Jury Duty

Today's jury service was the most boring thing this summer next to going to my TIPS training class to serve booze at Rockies games!

It was about 3 1/2 hours long. To occupy myself, I took the Live, Love and Learn cross stitch kit. I took a number puzzle book. I had my cell phone. I slept. I did a little of each. But, I was not chosen to serve on a jury. It is over. I am no longer threatened with a possible warrant for my arrest for not showing up. Phew.

It was hot too. Over 100 for sure. I had to go to "work" too. I was just going to take the 15 bus home and call it a day, but I had to go answer phones at the office. I made it home a while ago. Now, I am enjoying a tall glass of iced tea! I love iced tea in the middle of the hot summer! Nothing better.

I will post pictures of my stitching later. They won't be much but they will motivate me to get to work so I can keep posting!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Cross stitching insanity!!!!! Yikes

I have too many needles in the hoops. I am trying to work on a couple of projects. But, the problem is the number of projects is growing.

So what I am doing:

1. The Precious Moments Thank God for friends (or something like that)

2. The teddy bears which need to be done by Thanksgiving and time is flying as it is nearly August. That only leaves me the fall! Oh dear.

3. This new one I added today called Live, Love and Learn with real pretty flowers on it. It's picture is above.

4. I want to take the very first pillowcase and rip it out. I want to start all over to see if I can make it come out a little neater.

So there are too many things for me to pinpoint goals! What I think I will do is this:

Try a 3 strand a day routine. 3 Needles. I will rotate as my mind chooses. But, I am having trouble with the teddy bears. I want to keep this simple. My mind wanders very very very easily. So I am going to take it slowly.

Another dilemma here is the fact I am getting over a nasty chest cold. I was sick for a whole month. Dreadful evil thing. Now as I am recovering I pulled a muscle and it is hard for me to stitch because it hurts my side. Yes, whah whah whah call me the whah-m-bulance.

One of these days I will get something accomplished. Tomorrow I have jury duty. I plan on taking a small kit of things to do while waiting. I hate waiting because I get so bored so easily and it just kills me. So in my package I am taking the Live, Love and Learn cross stitch kit and a book or two of puzzles.

For about 3 to 4 weeks I was obsessed with puzzles. I kept buying different puzzle books. But, I got bored with that and now stitching has caught my attention. It is late summer so that is when I get the itch to stitch too.

Anyhoo, I hope to get some work done in the coming days and weeks.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Stitching Update

Today I have motivation to stitch. However, whether or not I actually do it is another story. I have a good friend from an online stitching group who sent me a care package in the mail not too long ago. She sent me a set of pillowcases with a Christmas theme. Very Pretty. Thanks.

Saturday, June 09, 2007


I had to post this. I will post a picture later if I can do it.

My dad is an avid fisherman. Today he caught a 23 inch rainbow trout at Golden Gate here in Colorado. He says there is a bigger one in the river still. He is out on a mission to get it. I will keep you updated.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Stitching update

I am still working on Stephanie's gift. School ends this week. Elena graduates from 8th grade. So her last day of school is Tuesday. She has Wed. off so that is the day we go to the dentist and her friend's birthday party. Thursday is her graduation at 7 pm. Friday the couch is delivered. A new one! Saturday? I house sit.

So that is what is coming up for me this week. A while back Stephanie mentioned that she wanted to join me for a little lunch or something so that we can celebrate our own personal milestone that the school year is finally over with. Although something tells me it is not completely over with. The story is too long to post here. Has to do with a gift to the school from the 8th grade class.

As for the stitching update, I am almost finished with my current project. The thank you gift. I will post a finish soon. I have about 4 more hours or less of work on it. I cannot stitch for more then 1 to 2 hours. Last night my eyes hurt. So I had to stop.

I will post more as I finish it.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Hobby Insanity

Here it is the 18th of May. I haven't posted since the 15th of April. The time has flown by so fast. So here is another time to post. A lot has happened in a month.

My aunt left. She did really well. She really enjoyed the city for what we showed her. We took her shopping, took her to lunch, she stayed for my daughter's confirmation and we celebrated her birthday here. She said she had never had birthday cake to celebrate her birthday for years. So I was glad I was able to do that for her.

As for the heading of this post, I have grown an interest into knitting and crochet. Crochet is something I tried in the past. Knitting is new! I already have the things to crochet. But, I did spend like 10 bucks on knitting needles and yarn. I found a buy at Walmart and bought a knitting book. I haven't really learned much. I asked a lady to show me how. But, I don't think I am one of her favorite people because she never called me to set up a time to knit together.

I am cross stitching. I am working on a thank you gift for the other room mom. Shhhh. It is a surprise for her. I have to finish it! I only have like another week to do it! This week flew by. After that I want to do a Precious Moments project. This lady, Alisha, I met online sent me 4 PM books with nothing but patterns in them. So I intend to stitch one up here soon. Just have to choose a pattern.

I could go on but I think this is enough. A few last minute things!

1. I want to stitch the thank you project for Stephanie and then do a PM piece. So those are immediate stitching goals. Oh, I never finished Winnie. I ran out of floss and Janlynn says they may not have the color. The kit is over 10 years old so what do I expect.

2. I still love the Rockies in spite of the fact that they aren't winning! They are a great team. But, for some reason, like PITCHING, they are losing.

3. School ends soon. I am volunteering to pay off the tuition for a non profit organization. Not work as in a real job!!!! Just volunteering. I work the major sports events. Hard work involved there.

4. Summer weather has arrived in town.

I will post soon with updates on everything.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Divine Mercy

Today is the first Sunday after Easter. In the Catholic church it has been declared to be the Feast of Divine Mercy. To view more information about this you can go to

We are going to a Divine Mercy celebration today at a local church. At least I hope so. With the way things go anything can happen and I may not go.

News? I never finished the Easter egg on time. My aunt is already here so I can't give it to her like I planned. But, she is interested in stitching! Embroidery. So we went to Hobby Lobby the other day and I bought some patterns and floss to get her started. She is so nice. So gentle. So sweet. She could never hurt a fly. If there were more people in the world like her the world would be a much better place.

Everything else is going ok. For the first time in a long while I am content with my life as it is. Usually I always have some small issue to really complain about. I have my struggles and problems still. But, overall, things are not that bad.

For now, Happy Stitching! God bless.

Friday, March 30, 2007


Today is a special day. I probably shouldn't be writing this. A family member may read it and have something to say about it. But, I don't care. She is my mom. She means the world to me.

Today is her birthday. We had cake yesterday. Tonight we had special pastries for our celebration. She turns further into her 70s today. She is slowing down too.

I have a picture here of the Easter Egg that I am working on for my aunt. She is coming to town in about 10 days or so. I would like to get it done soon. Her birthday is on the 20th so I would really like to get it done as a special gift to her. It is a tea towel. It is embroidery. I have been doing mostly cross stitch projects lately. But, this time I wanted to do embroidery on a tea towel.

I found the pattern online. I didn't know what to do. So I googled images of easter eggs. That one came up and it looked best. I got to choose the colors! I am adding pink and yellow still. Will show you more later.

Happy stitching to you all! And for the rest of you, enjoy a cup of tea with me today!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I should be...

I should be in bed. It is late on a week day night. But, I wanted to post. I have been wanting to post.

Here is what is new:

My daughter is getting confirmed on Apr. 23rd
We have company, special guest, coming into town next month
I am trying to get some stitching done.

Hopefully posting here will help get it done.

My goals for the next month of April:

Finish Easter egg for our special guest

My goal for the month of May:

Finish the Winnie the Pooh which is a forever long UFO

I would love to buy a wooden frame to hold all my stitching together while I work but I don't stitch enough for that. So someday when I stitch daily maybe then I could use it. But, for now it is just a dream.


That is all for now. I will post pics of my projects soon, hopefully.