Monday, December 11, 2006

Ho Ho Ho

Things around here are starting to look up, sort of. I wish it were easier to get into the holiday spirit. My mental states really take a toll on me. So what have I done to cope? Well I drink lots of tea as you can see from my blog skin. I also have been stitching! yay. I am working on a December Flip It by Lizzie Kate. I hope to have it done by Christmas day as a surprise present. I do lots of surprise presents. My last finish was a gift and he really loved it.

My stitching goals: (1) finish up Christmas piece (2) work on a surprise secret gift (3) work on pillowcase

These projects I want finished by end of January. At least started. I have a real surprise gift in store for a stitching buddy. But, that is a particular seasonal piece that needs to be done before the end of winter.

Happy Stitching and enjoy the holiday season as it only comes once a year.


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