Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year and a finish for 2006

Here is a picture of my daughter during the first blast of the blizzard of 2006.

Below is a picture of the finished LK December Flip It!

Happy New Year! This past year has been interesting. I finished off 2 different UFOs and I finished 2 different new projects. They were all pretty small, but never the less they all got done.

I finished off one of two pillowcases (embroidery). I finished off a butterfly which I gave my aunt. I finished a gecko piece I gave to my cousin. I finished a christmas piece I gave to my brother's family.

This past year my family celebrated my sister's 50th birthday in fine style. Last winter my mother recovered from a fall which broke bones. Denver is recovering from 2 different major snow storms that happened within 8 days of each other. I believe we made history in Denver for all these storms and the amounts. The first one started on December 20th and we got 23 inches out of that one. The last one started last Thursday and stopped by Friday. At home here we only got about 10 inches. But, the outlying foothills got as much as 30 or more inches.

Those are some of the bigger highlights of the year.

The year ahead is interesting. My daughter turns 15 in 2007. She starts high school next fall!

Happy New Year everybody!


Mary said...

Happy New Year Trish!
The picture with your daughter shows ALOT of snow. Looks like she was enjoying herself outside.
Your Lizzie Kate came out wonderful. Congrats!!!!!
Keep up the great work with your stitching.
Here's to a better 2007!!!!!

Mrs. Honeysuckle said...

Your daughter is lovely! Love your website!