Thursday, August 03, 2006


This is just to let you know how things are going. I am going to try and not let this little blog stay all on it's own.

Recently I lost a friend. Have you ever met someone whose personality just conflicted with yours? Well our personalities busted head on. So it was something not meant to be. I felt real guilty about it before. But, I have since gotten over it realizing that you cannot be a friend to everyone on the planet. Most of my groups I belong to, I have made some lifetime friendships. With that in mind, my guilt is gone. If there are people out there that I can get along with real well then so be it. So, Heres To All My Online Friends! You are great.

I hear that it is hot on both coasts. CA and MA areas. I feel so bad for you all. Here in CO it has been mild. There is another heat wave coming in the next few days but that is low to mid 90s.

I think I am letting this blog go one to long. I may start to have weird computer problems. But, read the next entry for that.

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