Sunday, July 23, 2006

Just a quick update

Just a quick note. I did finish something yesterday. Remember the pillowcase I have been working on for forever? Well yesterday I put the last stitch on it.

It does not look professionally done. It definitely looks home made.

Once I charge up my camera and get it ready I can take some pictures and post them here.

I am almost done with this little butterfly. It is pretty cute. Don't know who it is going to yet. We shall see.

Will post more later.


Mary said...

Congrats on finishing the pillowcase! I can't wait to see the butterfly as well.
Let us know what you do decide to stitch on next!

Rhonda said...

Congratulations on the pillowcase. Be happy that your work looks homemade. Making anything with a homemade look shows that you do you crafting with care and love and not for profit. It is almost a dying art and you should be proud of yourself.
Rhonda (LOSHEC)

Rhonda said...
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