Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Hummingbirds are finished!

Well, after a lot of patience and a little work I finally completed that piece. Here are the pictures to prove it.


Butterfly Amy said...

yay!! congrats Trish! They are just beautiful :)
Can't wait to see progress on Winnie The Pooh.

vEr0n!c@ said...

The hummingbirds are lovely, Trish. Well done!

Mary said...

Congrats on your first finish. The hummingbirds came out great. I love the colors.

katiejayinpa said...

Hello Trish,
The hummingbirds are just lovely. Yes, counted crossstitch needs quite a lot of patience. I loveit...and love to see it...but don;t love to DO'm a crazy quilter that's on the list you posted to..Mom's hand embroidery...keep up all the good work that i see here..aren;t soduko puzzles addicting!

upssidetown said...

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