Wednesday, February 08, 2006


I am not happy with the way the hummingbirds are coming out. I am having a problem with the backstitching. It doesn't look anything like it is supposed to.

The doctor told me a few weeks ago I have mild to moderate brain damage. It really shows when you look up close at my cross stitching work. So now I have a bad case of the "blahs". I am not psyched to finish it up. I only have one of the bird's wings to stitch up. Then it will be done.

I will work on it later on. For now, I have to work at being encouraged and not discouraged.

My camera's batteries were out. I have to recharge them. So I couldn't show a photo. But, if all goes right, I should have it done by this evening and I can show a picture of the finished product

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