Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year and a finish for 2006

Here is a picture of my daughter during the first blast of the blizzard of 2006.

Below is a picture of the finished LK December Flip It!

Happy New Year! This past year has been interesting. I finished off 2 different UFOs and I finished 2 different new projects. They were all pretty small, but never the less they all got done.

I finished off one of two pillowcases (embroidery). I finished off a butterfly which I gave my aunt. I finished a gecko piece I gave to my cousin. I finished a christmas piece I gave to my brother's family.

This past year my family celebrated my sister's 50th birthday in fine style. Last winter my mother recovered from a fall which broke bones. Denver is recovering from 2 different major snow storms that happened within 8 days of each other. I believe we made history in Denver for all these storms and the amounts. The first one started on December 20th and we got 23 inches out of that one. The last one started last Thursday and stopped by Friday. At home here we only got about 10 inches. But, the outlying foothills got as much as 30 or more inches.

Those are some of the bigger highlights of the year.

The year ahead is interesting. My daughter turns 15 in 2007. She starts high school next fall!

Happy New Year everybody!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Ho Ho Ho

Things around here are starting to look up, sort of. I wish it were easier to get into the holiday spirit. My mental states really take a toll on me. So what have I done to cope? Well I drink lots of tea as you can see from my blog skin. I also have been stitching! yay. I am working on a December Flip It by Lizzie Kate. I hope to have it done by Christmas day as a surprise present. I do lots of surprise presents. My last finish was a gift and he really loved it.

My stitching goals: (1) finish up Christmas piece (2) work on a surprise secret gift (3) work on pillowcase

These projects I want finished by end of January. At least started. I have a real surprise gift in store for a stitching buddy. But, that is a particular seasonal piece that needs to be done before the end of winter.

Happy Stitching and enjoy the holiday season as it only comes once a year.


Friday, December 08, 2006

'Tis the season for Old St Nick

Here are the lyrics to one of our favorite Christmas songs. It will forever remind me of my mother living or not:

It is by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

Colorado Christmas

Looking out the window of this hollywood hotel,You’d never know that it was christmas eve.The billboards and the neon took the place of silver bells, And the temperature is 84 degrees.I can hear the traffic on the crowded strip below As the palm trees poke their heads above the scene There’s not a single reindeer and it hardly ever snows, And Santa drives a rolls royce limosine.But all along the rockies you can feel it in the air From telluride to boulder down below The closest thing to heaven on this planet anywhere Is a quiet christmas morning in the colorado snow remember christmases when I was just a boy In the morning I would run to see the tree. And the carolers on the hillside sang their songs of christmas joy Well, I always thought they sang them just for me.Now the sun is setting in the california sky And I can’t find the spirit anywhere So I think it’s time for me to tell los angeles goodbye I’m going back home took for christmas there But all along the rockies you can feel it in the air From telluride to boulder down below The closest thing to heaven on this planet anywhere Is a quiet christmas morning in the colorado snow

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

He is happy

Just wanted to post that I did give my cousin his geckos. He really liked it. He had a place to hang it in mind already. So he appreciated it. I am just glad because he spoils me rotten.

The week has been a very long one. We have had some kind of new people coming thru here each day. But, as of now, everyone has left for home.

Hopefully the dust will settle.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Framed Gift

Here is the finale. I have framed it and I am ready to give it to him. I will let you know if he likes it or not.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Another finish

This is a picture of a work from the heart. I hope my cousin really likes it. It was fun to do.

Thanks to all my friends in the SAL for all their support. It has been fun. Can't wait for the next one that we all do. I hope that these little geckos qualified as small animals for our theme.

Monday, August 07, 2006

As promised.....

Here is a photo of the new gecko I finished yesterday. So far I have a purple and a green gecko to finish up. Then, the initials go on the bottom.

Have a great day! Hope you like the picture.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Getting some work done

I am cross stitching today. I am so happy. I have almost finished a big part of the pink gecko that goes on the bottom of the final piece. I have worked for a good hour and a half. I have the top two legs or arms to go. Then I have to fill in some holes with yellow floss and add some half stitches with pink floss. So it should be done soon. I will post pictures soon.

I am just really glad that I have made good progress today. I thought this was going to be a long and drawn out project. There is hope it will get done by the due date. Gotta have hope!

Hope everyone else is happy working on their SAL.

Thursday, August 03, 2006


This is just to let you know how things are going. I am going to try and not let this little blog stay all on it's own.

Recently I lost a friend. Have you ever met someone whose personality just conflicted with yours? Well our personalities busted head on. So it was something not meant to be. I felt real guilty about it before. But, I have since gotten over it realizing that you cannot be a friend to everyone on the planet. Most of my groups I belong to, I have made some lifetime friendships. With that in mind, my guilt is gone. If there are people out there that I can get along with real well then so be it. So, Heres To All My Online Friends! You are great.

I hear that it is hot on both coasts. CA and MA areas. I feel so bad for you all. Here in CO it has been mild. There is another heat wave coming in the next few days but that is low to mid 90s.

I think I am letting this blog go one to long. I may start to have weird computer problems. But, read the next entry for that.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

A new work in progress

Here is my newest project. It is for a dear relative who is pretty much always there for me when I need him. I was looking for something online with river fishing. But, finding something small enough to work in about 6 weeks was hard to find. So someone helped out and did some searching for me. We came up with this. It is the gecko pattern I have talked about in the stitching groups. I will post more pictures as I work on it. They are pink, green, and purple geckos on a navy blue aida background. I am also planning on putting his initials on the bottom if I have enough time. We will see about that.

Update on a finish

This is the finished butterfly. I have no idea who I am giving it to yet. I have so many relatives that like butterflies. I have friends and family that like butterflies. I may just throw all their names into a hat and just pick one!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Almost done, few stitches left

I started working on this last spring. I only have a little to go. When I am done I will show you the finished product!

Goal accomplished!

I have been working this last two weeks with stitching. So over the weekend I finished the pillowcase I have been working on for forever. Here is a picture of it.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Future projects

I am not sure which to work on next. I am going to start a gecko project for a dear relative who is coming to town later this summer.

I also have so many UFOs that it is not funny. I am not starting any new projects other then the geckos. I may exclusively have to work on it since he is coming in early September.

Happy stitching to the stitchers out there!

Just a quick update

Just a quick note. I did finish something yesterday. Remember the pillowcase I have been working on for forever? Well yesterday I put the last stitch on it.

It does not look professionally done. It definitely looks home made.

Once I charge up my camera and get it ready I can take some pictures and post them here.

I am almost done with this little butterfly. It is pretty cute. Don't know who it is going to yet. We shall see.

Will post more later.

Monday, February 20, 2006

The gift

I had to make this post today. My sister in law was really happy to receive the Hummingbirds cross stitch I gave her.

So that alone is inspiration for me to work on more cross stitch.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

My latest projects

Here is a picture of my latest work. The one on the left is a piece of embroidery that I am giving my aunt. The green part is using the satin stitch I learned from a relative yesterday.

The one on the right is a Winnie the Pooh project I am working on for a friend who love Winnie the Pooh. I will show more pictures as I continue working on them.

Happy Stitching!

My new stash

This first picture is a gift that I got from Canada. It is a cross stitching calendar with patterns, matte, and aida cloth for each month. It is really neat!
This second picture is from one of my friends on the East Coast.
This third picture is more of the stash I got from my friend on the East Coast.

It is nice to have friends who are so generous. I appreciate and value your friendship alot. Thanks for being so kind to me.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Hummingbirds are finished!

Well, after a lot of patience and a little work I finally completed that piece. Here are the pictures to prove it.


I am not happy with the way the hummingbirds are coming out. I am having a problem with the backstitching. It doesn't look anything like it is supposed to.

The doctor told me a few weeks ago I have mild to moderate brain damage. It really shows when you look up close at my cross stitching work. So now I have a bad case of the "blahs". I am not psyched to finish it up. I only have one of the bird's wings to stitch up. Then it will be done.

I will work on it later on. For now, I have to work at being encouraged and not discouraged.

My camera's batteries were out. I have to recharge them. So I couldn't show a photo. But, if all goes right, I should have it done by this evening and I can show a picture of the finished product

Monday, February 06, 2006

Update on hummingbirds

I have been working on this piece a little at a time. I really like it. I am going to give it away to my sister in law who bought it for me.

I like it. I am about 1/4 the way done with all the backstitching.

I am not sure what I am going to do when I get done with this. I may go back to the pillowcase I need to finish up. That is mostly backstitching too.

I haven't taken any quizzes today. I just wanted to stitch.

Happy stitching to you all!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Another quiz about 80s toys

I took another quiz to find out what childhood toy of the 80s I would be. I think the answer is hillarious!

Here is the result.

You're a Spirograph!! You're pretty tripped out,

even though you've been known to be a bit

boring at times. You manage to serve your

purpose in life while expending hardly any

effort (and are probably stoned to the gills

all the while).

What childhood toy from the 80s are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Cat quiz

I took a quiz to see what kind of cat I am. I got the link from someone else's blog.

Here is the answer.

You are a Random cat! Also known as an alley cat

or a mutt. You aren't given to high-falutin'

ways, but you're accessible and popular.

People love you for who you are, not what you


What breed of cat are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Update on the hummingbirds

I am working on this project still. I am about half way done. Most of the rest of the work is backstitching. Ick!

Today I woke up in such a foul mood. But, I did something nice for someone else today and that has helped so I feel a little bit better. These last few months have been really hard ones. I hardly ever stitched or felt like it. I spent alot of time in my bed. But, my doctor has changed my medications and things are starting to slowly but surely turn around. I was feeling really good for a few days, but today I got slammed back down into the gutter. I don't understand why. I didn't do anything wrong. I don't know. I am going to stitch though.

I have goals for the month of Feb:

1. Finish Hummingbirds
2. Special Shamrock piece
3. Finish pillowcase
4. Napkin set

I hope I can get thru them all. Or at least some of it.

Happy stitching to you all!