Tuesday, August 30, 2005

the sun on Tuesday night

I have worked hard to get this far. It is hard to count the squares and follow the pattern. My attention span has been better recently which has helped me get this far. I feel better. I went to the doctor today. She said I am doing good and not to worry so much. It is hard for me not to worry.

I decided NOT to take out all of the stitches from the pillowcase. I am going to leave them as is. It doesn't look perfect on the backside, but I did my best. So I am going to finish it sooner then I planned on. I have about a weeks left work on it. I will keep updated photos on what it looks like here.

For now, here is the sun! She is really shining brightly. I need that now. Her name is Capri as in Capri sun! Get it! So there she is, Capri!

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