Friday, August 26, 2005

Friday afternoon

I am working on the sun piece still. I don't think it will ever get done. I was able to get some help with the spikes so hopefully they won't look bad when you see them.
It is not going to look professionally done, but you can safely say it is not machine made. You can tell it is hand made.

I found some flour sacks at Walmart. So I have patterns to add to them too. So I have new projects on the horizon.

I have been feeling weird lately. Not too bad. I am not complaining. I just have not had the laughs. I have felt kind of somber lately. Not depressed, just not happy.

I think I will feel better once I get some of my cross stitching pieces done. They will hopefully look nice. I cannot do anything perfectly. But, I try.

This will be a busy weekend without Elena. She has youth group all weekend. There is a movie marathon and it lasts all weekend. I will be free this evening. I will be able to work on my sun piece and the pillowcase. Yay!

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